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It is my great pleasure to share this collection of songs with others since I have discovered that many people like the same songs. As well, I hope that many non-Indians, like me, might discover this beautiful music through listening to this collection. I hope that you will enjoy listening to these great songs and artists.

All the music you hear at this web page is my personal collection of my favourite songs from Bollywood movies and singers. These are generally the softer, melodious love songs and select tunes that have a catchy beat, to my ears at least. No bhangra, hip-hop, rap or remixes. I am VERY BIG Alka Yagnik fan so there are many Alka Yagnik songs in this collection.

If you would care to write me and comment about the songs, the player, make a suggestion or just to say "Hi," feel free to send me a message.


This music is shared in pure tribute and gratitude to Alka Yagnik and her fellow play-back artists. There is no commercial purpose whatever. Money is not being raised or solicited in any form through this endeavour.

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